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The Facts About Glyconutrients?

Glyconutrients are essential carbohydrates. Just as there are essential proteins called amino acids and essential fats called fatty acids, glyconutritionals are the newly discovered class of necessary carbohydrate nutrients.

Glyconutritionals could be more important than any of the other nutrients. They are at the core of your cell’s ability to communicate all of their needs – even their need for other nutrients. A lack of any of these sugars can lead to body system malfunction and poor nutrient assimilation, simply because the need was not properly communicated.

Several studies have linked a deficiency of these sugars to illnesses such as lupus, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ADHD and infertility to name a few. Since they are so basic to the needs of every cell in the body, dozens of other illnesses have been linked to an imbalance of these sugars.

Noted as the vital missing link in our diets, researches have identified up to eight specific and three metabolic intermediate biological sugars that most of us fail to obtain through our diets. In fact, the average American diet only supplies two of these sugars, creating what may be the most potentially serious nutrient deficiency we face.

With over 20,000 studies conducted annually on glycoforms (any sugar form) alone, researchers from universities and major pharmaceutical companies realize the importance of this new discovery.

Studies confirm that the eight essential biologically active sugars can accomplish amazing results.

  • Dramatically raises natural killer cell and macrophage count against infectious organisms
  • Activates immune T-cell activity only when invaders or antigens are present.
  • Decreases cell death in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Dramatically elevates disease resistance in weakened individuals.
  • Acts as antioxidant compounds, which boost the collection of dangerous free radicals.
  • protects the body against toxins and pollutant exposure
  • Slows premature aging
  • Decreases inflammation in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis
  • Helps immune cells recognize invaders due to the mutual “sugar exchange” info
  • Enables cellular components to stick to each other initiating the right reactions

Glyconutrients enhance tissue repair (wounds, sores, periodontal disease etc.), help control the appetite, and work to curb chemical addictions. The inability to use these sugars properly has also been linked to cystic fibrosis and anemia.

These sugars are absolutely essential for proper cellular survival and function. Without them, our cells, particularly our immune system cells, do not work at optimum level.

Remember that all disease states begin at the cellular level. Our bodies are simply an accumulation of cells that must work together. The more glyconutrients we can directly supply to the body, the more raw materials it has to work with to rebalance our immune networks, help drive our energy pathways, help sweep up dangerous oxidants, and control sophisticated cellular reactions that determine whether we are healthy or sick.


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